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The Best Bali Villas Area to Stay Vacation

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Vacation to Bali

Are you planning a vacation to Bali? If yes, then you have to prepare a lot of things, including a place to stay. Choosing the best location to stay in is not as easy as one might think. It is because the areas are quite different from each other. To make your life easier, here is the ultimate guide for selecting the best Bali villas area to stay on vacation.

Best Recommendation of Villa Location in Bali

1. Kuta

Kuta is one of the best place recommendations that you can choose when in Bali. This location offers many facilities that are quite complete, ranging from small shops, bars, nightclubs, shopping centers, malls, tourist sites, homestays, good hotels, to villas. The price offered is also affordable, allowing tourists to stay for several days.

2. Seminyak

In the next sequence, there is also a location that is a favorite for tourists, namely Seminyak. This location offers many interesting tourist objects to visit. One of them that you can visit is Seminyak Beach. Given that this location is so popular, it’s no wonder that there are many best Bali Villas to stay for several days. Some people choose this location to stay because of its easy reach.

This location is quite fashionable for the home of boutiques, fine restaurants, luxury villas, and beautiful locations. The prices indeed offered are slightly higher in other areas because of the excellent location. Visitors can stay in a villa with a beautiful view of the Seminyak beach. In addition, there are many entertainment venues to choose from while you are here, like shopping, good food, etc.

3. Kerobokan

Who doesn’t want to live in a charming green rice field area? You can choose Kerobokan as a location to stay while on vacation in Bali. This location is indeed a remote area, and Kerobokan offers a quieter place with lots of local people. This location provides an amazing place to choose as Bali villas to stay for a few days.

4. Ungasan or Pecatu

If you are one of the big fans of surfing at the top of the waves, then the southern part of Balu is very suitable to be chosen. You can choose the best location to stay in this area with a beautiful concept and affordable prices. If you want to be more satisfied to enjoy the natural beauty around Ungasan, then you can stay at the villa. A series of facilities are prepared to support your exciting vacation time.

5. Sanur

You can enjoy the view of the sea and the silhouette of the sun when you visit Sanur. You can enjoy this beauty by staying in a villa located around the Sanur beach. Accommodation prices are arguably much lower because there are many homestays and villas available. For these reasons, many visitors choose this area to stay in Bali Villas for several days.

Bali is one of the popular destinations that offer complete packages for holidays. You can enjoy healthy food, yoga, surfing, bustling nightlife, and natural beauty at this location. In order to support better accommodation when in Bali, there are several choices of places to stay at the Villa, such as Sanur, Ungasan or Pecatu, Kerobokan, Seminyak, and Kuta.