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Guide to Improve House Quality for Better Life

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Healthy is the most needed thing for human life, because if we are healthy we can do various activities and still remain productive every day, several factors that support health can be obtained from the right lifestyle starting from food, drink, exercise and enough rest, do not stop there, the house becomes one of the healthy factor today.

Talking about healthy, we must be understood that healthy is not just a physical condition but a psychological state, you need to recognize the main aspects of the house that can improve your health, basically physical health depends on the type and materials you consume and use starting with from cleanliness, chemical content, and others. On the other hand, psychic health depends on the condition of your home, the colors you choose, and the interior decoration plays an important role, we will discuss in more detail later.

Healthy Home You Need to Know

To achieve the direction of a healthy home, apparently there are standard requirements determined by the health body, so before building your house you must also be careful so that your house will not stand up and then be repaired for health reasons. Some people don’t really think about this, but health standards are an absolute thing that cannot be negotiable, you can have a dialogue with several architects before starting the form, so that from design to selection of building materials later meet health requirements.

The introduction of home health requirements according to the Ministry of Health begins with several factors, one of which is:

Good Lighting

A healthy house has lighting standards set by the Ministry of Health, home lighting can come from natural light such as sunlight or artificial lighting.

The direction of lighting other than illuminating each room helps keep animals or pests from nesting in areas that are poorly lit, plus when the sunlight that enters the house is good, therefore humidity from room temperature can be minimized. Furthermore, lighting should not be too bright with a minimum intensity of 30 lux, especially lighting that is too dim or dim will have an effect on eye health.

Sufficient Air Circulation

The air transition in the house really plays an important role for the health of its residents, good air circulation will prevent the accumulation of dust that can cause respiratory problems to the occupants. Natural fixed circulation of a minimum of 10% of the floor area, the source of this air circulation can come from large windows, circulation above the window, doors that are opened every morning, and from various tools such as exhaust fans, air conditioners. it is more advisable that you increase the natural air transition sources in your home, because it can improve the mood.

Waste Management

A very important point that cannot be ignored in a healthy home is how to take care of waste, be it solid or liquid waste. When you are planning to buy or build a house, you should consider this carefully, because household waste has the potential to affect health if it is not properly disposed of.

Liquid waste that we often recognize can be in the form of leftover laundry water, both from kitchen laundry, laundry, and bath residue, so what if the drain is clogged and makes it flooded, therefore your life in the house is also uncomfortable, to make sure this you have to check whether in front of the house or behind your house has a culvert or sewer, as far as possible in making the house give sufficient distance between the building and the sewer.

The same applies to solid waste, in this case it can be in the form of organic waste that can decompose, you must also have a garbage disposal or if you want to take care of organic waste, this waste should not pollute the water and soil around it, be careful in the disposal of chemical waste such as residual aerosol sprays, chemical solutions etc.

Water sources

A good source of water at home should have a capacity of 60 liters / day / person. Currently, water sources are quite tricky or a little difficult to access for people in densely populated urban areas, so that groundwater is also one of the alternatives. Therefore, if you have an idea to build a house, choose an area that is rarely populated, so that the availability of water sources for you can also be maintained.

In managing groundwater, you must also pay attention to the distance from the borehole to the septic tank because e-coli bacteria can survive in the soil for three days, to avoid contamination of your water source, the standard for the construction of a drilled well should be 10 mtr.